Weather Control Fabrics



Sunbrella fabric is considered one of the best performance fabrics in the world. For a fabric to be considered a “performance fabric”, it must have a few elite qualities: stain-resistance, fade-resistance, and mildew-resistance. Performance fabrics handle weather and water like a champ. All of this is made possible by the technique used to dye high-quality yarn fibers. This process is called solution-dyed, which means that Sunbrella fibers are dyed and then woven into the fabric so the entire textile is fully saturated with color.

Sunbrella fabric is ideal because it resists stains and is waterproof. If stains do happen, cleaning Sunbrella is easy because you can use bleach on it or scrub it repeatedly without worrying about color fade. People choose Sunbrella fabric because they can feel confident that their investment in patio furniture, boat or golf covers, will continue to look good year after year.



With Sunflair, you are getting all of the incredible benefits of a performance fabric at a lower price. Sunflair is solution-dyed for superior stain-resistance, fade-resistance, and mildew-resistance. Sunflair is a waterproof and can be cleaned easily using soap and water or bleach.

Performance fabrics, like Sunflair, are perfect for use in outdoor covers for patio furniture, boat covers, and golf cart covers because colors will stay vibrant after years of being exposed to the elements. Sunflair fabric will keep your outdoor investments protected and looking good. With Sunflair you are getting a high-performance outdoor fabric at a great value.



Eevelle’s exclusive Marinex marine grade fabric is solution-dyed 600D polyester with UV and antimicrobial treatments, which results in a beautiful fabric with deep, lasting color and superior resistance to the elements. Marinex is the perfect cover fabric to protect outdoor furnishings from UV and water damage. The benefit of using a boat cover fabric is that it is exceptionally durable and waterproof.

Marinex is the perfect fabric to protect outdoor furniture and recreational vehicles because it offers 100% protection and the cover itself will stay looking new year after year. Investing in a cover with Marinex fabric will be one of the best investments you can make.