Eevelle is a world leader in the design of outdoor covers and outdoor performance fabrics. All products, from conception through design, call for reliable materials and redefine what outdoor cover and performance textile protection mean. We take great pride in QC and complete control of our manufacturing process, combining 30 years of old-world handcrafted workmanship with the highest levels of modern materials.


Whether a recreational vehicle or sun control products around the home, modern living has necessitated the need for performance fabrics that last.

Our philosophy is “do what it says it is supposed to do” to protect what is being covered, incorporating a refined and classic design, not obstructing the surrounding environment. We can ensure it stands up in the most rugged environments by putting new proprietary scientific properties into our fabrics for SunFlairTM and MarinexTM. This refinement is why we’ve gained trust with the residential and commercial community as the industry leader.