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If you like Sunbrella, you will love the exclusive Marinex marine boat fabric used for WindStorm covers. WindStorm boat covers are made from solution-dyed polyester that offers long-lasting color stay. This is our best-selling boat cover for its unbeatadble quality at a great price.

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Available Sizes: 16′ to 48′

The V-Hull Runabout is one of the most versatile boats on the market for fishing, skiing, boarding, and cruising the lake. It is because of this versatility that the V Hull has such a broad appeal, making it the most popular boat style for casual and serious boaters. With an emphasis on functionality, these boats have abundant seating and significant storage space with a wide range of amenities. This boat style gets its name because it is designed with a deep V shape hull, making it perfect for cutting through deeper waves. Typical models range in length from 16 to 35 feet. Eevelle manufactures four different brands to cover the V Hull Runabout: Windstorm Elite, Windstorm CoolTech, Windstorm, and SilverCloud.


Available Sizes: 20′ to 46′

Pontoons are the party busses of the water, with lengths up to 30 foot and the ability to carry up to 25 people. Even though Pontoon boats can hold a lot of passengers, they can also reach speeds up to 50 mph. This means that Pontoon boats can pull water skiers, tubers, and wake boarders. With so much deck space on the Pontoon, there is a lot of available onboard storage. Pontoon boats are perfect for the budget conscious boater, with entry level models that are generally cheaper than the standard V Hull Boat. Eevelle manufactures four different brands to cover the Pontoon: Windstorm Elite, Windstorm CoolTech, Windstorm, and SilverCloud.


Available Sizes: 18′ to 34′

The Tournament Ski Boat is a favorite among athletes because it’s great for water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, and all other water sports. Ski boats boast a sleek design that gives it a sporty look as it cuts through the waves with power. The design of the Tournament Ski boat makes it great for fishing also. The stern sitting area allows others to accompany you while you drive from the side cock pit, which is protected by high windshields. This boat is sure to satisfy whether you’re fishing or racing. Eevelle manufactures four different brands to cover the Tournament Ski Boat: Windstorm Elite, Windstorm CoolTech, Windstorm, and SilverCloud.


Available Sizes: 10′ to 46′

T-Top fishing boats are one of the most popular ways to glide across the water because they offer the perfect combination of flexibility, open deck space, and shade. T-Top boats can reach lengths up to 35 ft, allowing for a capacity of up to 10 onboard passengers. T-Top boats can handle some of the worst conditions, allowing you to get to your fishing destination in safety. The T-Top allows for a more portable solution for easy attachment and removal. Eevelle manufactures the Trident to cover your T-Top boat.


Available Sizes: 18′ to 46′

The Personal Watercraft is one of the most unique in its class because the rider sits or stands on it rather than inside of it. Personal watercraft are often referred to as Jet Skis, WaveRunners, or Sea-Doos. Its small size is designed for only one to three people, and has the power to reach speeds up to 65 mph. The convenient size of these little boats, combined with their awesome power enables the driver to make sharp turns with ease. Eevelle manufactures four different brands to cover your personal watercraft: W1, W1DX, WindStorm, and WindStorm Elite.


  • Aluminum Fishing Boats
  • Aluminum V Jon
  • Bass Boat
  • Bay Boat
  • Cabin Cruiser
  • V Hull Runabout
  • Ski Boat
  • Cuddy Cabin
  • Day Cruiser
  • Deck Boat
  • Drift Boat
  • Fish & Ski Boat
  • Performance Boat
  • V Hull Fishing
  • Hard Top Boat
  • Inflatable Boat
  • Jet Boat
  • Jon Boat
  • Paddle Boat
  • Tri hull Runabout

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