A divorce and a death prompt two people with a love for RVing to choose the nomadic life and begin the popular RV website Camp Addict

Conventional life isn’t for everyone. Being married with children, owning a house in a suburban neighborhood, holding down a 9 to 5 job are all considered societal norms, but there are a select few who have carved out different paths in life.

Marshall and Kelly are those unconventional people who broke out of society’s mold to live an adventurous life on the road.

When Marshall’s wife passed away, he found himself at a crossroads in life. Marshall was working as an aircraft mechanic in Los Angeles. Once upon a time, he wanted a piece of that American dream – homeownership — but knew with the high cost of housing in Los Angeles it would likely never happen. With his wife’s passing and a career turning stale, Marshall needed to find something different to do with his life.

“I was in my early 40’s and not sure where I wanted to live. Because RVing and living a nomadic life was always in the back of my mind, I decided to make the leap. It was now or never,” said Marshall.

He sold the few possessions he had, and 10 months after his wife passed away, he had purchased a travel trailer and hit the road full-time. He had never owned an RV before.

This was the best decision of his life.

Kelly had lived it all and decided it wasn’t for her. She had long-term relationships including a marriage, which ended in divorce. She owned houses and made sure her yard was always manicured. Kelly had a long-term job and had even lived abroad. As a single woman, she was bored and began to loathe the extreme costs associated with paying for housing and utilities.

When Kelly realized she could rent her house out for a profit, she hit the road with her two dogs Trixie and Gizmo and never looked back.

“The RV life offered an escape from all the baggage that comes with living stationary,” said Kelly.

Kelly and Marshall met through a group of friends and became unspoken traveling companions. “We never even talked about caravanning in our RVs together . . . it just happened. We traveled and worked together, and mostly, we just get along very well.”

To say these two RV travelers have mastered a life on the road is an understatement. Kelly and Marshall have traveled the country in their RVs: Kelly in her 2010 Crossroads Slingshot travel trailer, and Marshall in his 2014 24’ Lance travel trailer pulled by a 2018 Ram 2500.

They fund their life through their popular RV website, Camp Addict, which began making money 10 months after it launched. Marshall and Kelly each bring their own area of expertise to the website; Marshall brings his technical knowhow and Kelly is the writer.

Camp Addict features an RV product guide and review section, and a blog. The RV product guide and review section details RV product categories, offering top picks in each category. The blog portion of Camp Addict is a venue to share information with readers that isn’t only RV product related.

Marshall and Kelly have been living the full-time RV life since 2016, and have no intention of stopping. Their website Camp Addict is a place for RV and outdoor enthusiasts to go when they want the facts about everything from RV showerheads to how to find RV friends and everything in between.

What is their favorite American town so far? Kelly loves Silverton, Colorado because it is “heaven on earth.” Marshall doesn’t have a number one favorite town, but he has favorite categories. In the mountain town category, he loves Crested Butte, Colorado. In the coastal town category, he is partial to the Oregon coast. His favorite high desert location is Moab.

Don’t expect to find them at an RV campground because they are full-time boondockers, which is definitely fine with Trixie and Gizmo. For dogs, boondockers is synonymous with a lot of room to run around and explore. For Marshall and Kelly, being a boondocker means peace, space, and freedom.

Why Marshall and Kelly love the Goldline RV cover

“The Goldline RV cover is constructed from high quality, marine grade fabric and is reinforced in all the right places. An RV cover leads a very hard life so you want to have one made from the best material so it has a fighting chance of living a long life. The Goldline RV cover is one such cover and is Camp Addict’s top choice for RV covers.”